• Male Plumage

    We were out riding bikes yesterday when I spotted what looked like a pile of garbage down the side of the canal bank.  I realized that it was a female duck sitting on her nest.  It made me think about how people carry on about how beautiful male birds are & how the females are plain, drab or ugly.  Here’s what I have to say to that: smoke & mirrors.  Essentially, the females have the difficult job, which precludes beautiful plumage.  It’s a detriment & could get them killed.  Not that I state something that’s new or not obvious.  But, that’s all the male birds have to offer–besides sperm and…

  • The Wanamaker Factor

    Yesterday, Jon got a taste of synchronicity in action & perhaps a little of the supernatural (who knows?).  He was reading his hand held & chuckling, so I asked him what was so funny.  He told me a very roundabout story, but the bare bones is this: someone who manages all of the offices mentioned to a friend’s mother (she has to be very old) that Jon’s family is from Whidby Island.  It’s a small place, so when Jon asks people who say they’re from Whidby, “Do you know Wanamaker Road?”  there’s always a spark in their eye & a resounding yes.  He then tells them that was named after…

  • Early Black Market Lessons

    Stuart was so excited about his new guitar & lessons, initially.  I tried to get him to keep his music book, pics & tuner in one place so things wouldn’t get lost or separated.  The guitar hangs on his wall, but there are times when it doesn’t make it to its home, either.  When we bought the guitar the salesman gave us a whole handful of pics, which Stuart either lost or left about so Flanders got a hold of them.  Flanders loves to chew everything up.  The tuner was an early goner, too. In order to preserve a small sliver of my sanity & try to teach a lesson…

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