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    I’m so glad you found me! This is the space where I reflect on random things, tell real-life stories, share story ideas, story snippets, and make odd connections. It’s one of many external repositories for my brain dumps and more crafted bits of sharing. I have a variety of interests and love learning new things, so there’s breadth to things I read and write about, as well as study. Perpetual student. My formal studies focused on Restoration/18th century British literature but I came upon an idea for a medieval Scottish Historical and played with it for a few years. That’s a story for another time. I liked those characters but…

  • Creating Boundaries

    I have difficulties creating boundaries. I don’t like to eliminate any possibilities or potentials, but in doing so I tend to cut myself off at the knees, so to speak. Before Covid even hit, I was struggling with creating time and space boundaries so I could get things done. I love that my desk is by the front window in the living room. I can look out on the “front” lawn (our house and property are situated oddly), watching birds and the trees. I can see the occasional person go by on the canal beyond our block wall, we sit low, the canal walk is up high. However, while we…

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