• Faro: the Wild West’s king of card games

    Faro was the most popular gambling games of the Wild West. According to gamblingsites.com Faro was more popular than all the other games combined in 1882; and Gather Together Games mentions an 1882 police gazette report stating that Faro was the most bet upon game in the United States with the most money bet and lost than all the other games combined. Pretty impressive. Why was it so popular? It was an “even” game and easy to learn. If everyone played fairly the odds winning were almost even. Much better odds than other card games. Of course both the dealers (“bankers”) and the players (“punters”) cheated, so there’s that. Faro…

  • Just Call Me Frank

    As many of you know, I dropped my oldest off at college a couple of weeks ago. I have to give a shoutout to UW Madison for their absolutely awesome system for getting the students moved in and the parents shipped on out. Smooth. Very, very smooth and painless. Who needs heartburn on top of heartache when you’re sending your younglings off to spread their wings? No one, that’s who and UW delivers. SO–we were driving in to Verona where I stayed with family and it’s only fitting to note that we saw the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile. Why is this fitting, you ask? First off, we love the darn…

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