• My New Flags

    We have a giant flagpole in our front yard. We added it when we were forced to remodel our driveway a bunch of years back. That’s a good story and I suggest you read it: We didn’t move zip codes but our driveway did. (Side note: our driveway used to come down from where the wooden gate is on the block wall…) Chief’s bought a series of American flags from different vendors. Some last longer than others–one became tattered shamefully quick. Before you start squawking, I’m super flag conscious. I take that seriously and have two flags waiting to be taken to Ace Hardware who will dispose of them properly.…

  • The year our driveway moved zip codes

    It’s true. It’s bizarre. And it happened the first year we moved into the house we currently live in–we had to actually move our driveway which forced a zip code change. Side note: this also necessitated a post office change, meaning I had all new carriers. Fortunately, I’ve loved all of my postal workers. They’re awesome. We live on two-thirds of an acre which was part of a former orange grove. It’s a very oddly shaped and unique piece of property. There’s only one way onto the property and that’s the driveway. We’re land-locked. Shortly after we moved in, we were sent us a letter to “remove” our encumbrance, a.k.a…

  • Things I Wouldn’t Hate To Do

    I had this idea to make a map of places to visit in the United States that are the “capitol” of something or have a unique attraction, but I couldn’t think of what to call it. I talked this list up for over a week and still couldn’t come up with a name. When I was explaining this list to my younger son while washing dishes last night I said, it’s essentially a list of things I wouldn’t hate to do. That garnered me an odd look (trust me, I’m used that) but it got me to thinking about bucket lists… I have this thing about “bucket lists”: they rub…

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