Month O' Shenanigans ☘️💚
All is not as it seems

Hello, Friday Fools! 

I was at a lovely writing retreat at the end of February, so February's "advent" calendar project had to be finished at the beginning of March. Truth be told, I didn't hate eating the remaining chocolate in one sitting (this is in line with Things I wouldn't hate to do, I actually enjoy doing them.) No hardship there. It just messed with my whole Baby Februaryoda thing, but I'll manage just fine. 🙄

Baby Yoda Advent calendar with a pink post it note on it.

I've decided that March is all about the shenanigans (especially since this is going out on a Saturday not a Friday 🤦🏻‍♀️). I suppose I do enjoy "holidays" more than I care to admit *clears throat, coughs* St. Patrick's Day. However, I did have a great suggestion to write about songs poorly performed after sending out my last newsletter. The unfortunate thing is, the only poorly performed songs that I can think of are the ones that come out of my mouth. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm going to give that reader's suggestion some more thought, but if you happen to come up with something shoot me a line. Or I may start singing. 🎤🙉😁😉

Until then, I'll run with the shenanigans. Oh, but where do I start with the shenanigans? 

I suppose I'll start with the hysterical laughter that Wendy and I had over my "pajamas." I didn't realize that would cause such an uproar, but it was 2:30 am and we'd been traveling either all day or all evening. Wendy had been up for twenty-four hours by this point. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Oh, what cute pajamas!" (very cute, for the record--she was all neat and tidy and adorable)

Wendy: "Thanks! I thought they looked 'Hawaiian' with the flowers."

Me: "They do--very pretty! I'm a real sexy beast in these." I quickly hold up my sweats.

Wendy: chuckle-laughter. (Wendy has this cute omg smile and laughter.)

Me: "I know, my poor husband. I'm just too sexy for words." We both hysterically laugh. In retrospect, I'm wondering if I should be offended. Lol--I joke.

Wendy: "Wait! What does your shirt say? Hold it up, again."

Me: "Hello." (for the record it has fuzzy letters across the chest that are multicolored--it's cute!)

Wendy: more hysterical laughter

Me: 😐 "I know. I dress like a five year old. Here, check out the pants." 😂

Depending on your level or need for seriousness, it either went uphill or downhill from there. We couldn't stop laughing and there were roosters involved. I see it as going uphill in a good way. 🤠 

Wondering about the rooster, weren't you? We stayed that first night at our friend and fellow retreater's Macadamia nut farm before heading to the rental for the retreat. Darned thing was waiting for us to fall asleep and then he'd "yell" at our window, telling his friends about the injustices of our arrival. 😂 I think he was pretty riled we were there. But don't you worry, his friends were equally supportive of him. 😁 At any rate, didn't want your mind to go to crazy places with that one, and I also didn't want to leave out Jackie's wonderful hospitality. The instructor and I were very graciously hosted for another two nights post retreat and we got to see and do the things. Well, I did the things such as ride the ATV, stalked birds, took pics of wacky treasures at the farm... 

Anyhoo, I'm going to cut things "short."  She-story came out of that retreat. It started out as a funny and turned into something more reflective. It was a gift as was meeting the wonderful "new" writers at this retreat and seeing the others that I haven't seen for a hot minute.

March shenanigans to be continued all month. This will not be a hardship, either (see chocolate, above). Send me your favorite shenanigans! I want to hear. Don't worry, I won't ever share unless I get permission which includes anything I'm a part of. I always ask the fam and others if it's okay to share.

With that, I hope everyone is well and that you find something funny, curious, or thought-provoking to brighten your days. 🤠

Take care and thanks for reading The Friday Tomfoolery. 🐴

-Ami 💜

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