All is not as it seems

Hello Friday Fools (you know I mean you--friends)!


Today’s Friday Tomfoolery is a rant.  NO!  You gasp, clutching your pearls.  Yes, I stoically respond while solemnly nodding my head.  Here's how it goes:

About a year ago, Chief and Chia painted our mailbox purple.  The same shade as the University of Washington Huskies purple--color matched and all.  You heard me--purple.  It's on the bright side.  You might be wondering, why?  Here's why--you can't see our house from the street, and even when we mention the brick driveway (the only one on our block), the green mailbox (again, the only one), and the fact that you cannot see our house from the street, you must continue to drive past the block wall to get to our house, our packages still seem to mysteriously be delivered to our kind neighbor or we get calls.  Frantic calls.  Accusatory calls.  Or, our packages take mysterious rides around town.  You all know how I love that.

On a whim and because we're goofy like that, we decided it'd be fun to paint it purple.  We thought some of the uppity neighbors might take issue if we painted UW on the side (we aren't in Seattle).  We also thought they'd get over the color.  Apparently, not.  One woman gesticulated wildly at our mailbox one day and ranted at our next door neighbor, Really?--on repeat.  He just shrugged and told her kind of liked it.  He's cool and quirky like that.

Yesterday, Chief and I walk out to get the mail and there's a post-it note that had been slipped inside the mailbox.  

You should really repaint your mailbox.  Your neighbor & realtor.

I. Can't. Even.  Why are people even like this?  

Thanks, dear "neighbor."  I really needed that advice.  I'll run right out and do that..getting the paint as I type this.

Because--why?--because you're a passive-aggressive coward who's using the "friendly" neighbor card and the "authority" card (realtor) to tell me that YOU don't like my mailbox color choice.  Because it's all about the anonymous--those who hide behind "friendly" advice, their computer screens, and social media handles.  (all rants for another day, my friends)

Incensed, I texted my quirky neighbor.  His response?  

I think they would like you to make it a brighter purple.  I love it.

I cooled my jets and had a good laugh about it.  

However, it's really none of this person's business.  We take care of our home.  We don't mess with others.  We do not live in an area with a HOA--I was adamant that we would not live with a bunch of rule-making busy bodies.  There are plenty of things that people dislike.  Doesn't mean you have to, or even have the right to, "tell" people about it.  

Hypocritical, but I'm going to tell you what I don't like.  Mean busybodies.  Neighbors who don't behave neighborly--don't look at you, know you, or even care about you until you're fodder for gossip or do something they don't care for.  These are the people on NextDoor "warning" us about "shady" characters who "don't belong in our neighborhood."  They're the ones who speed through the neighborhood, but then post to tell us of someone who's speeding and how they followed said driver (Yes, one man chased a speeder in our neighborhood and proudly wrote about it.  Worse?  A woman's response to that post  the driver "must want to commit suicide with her kids in the car."  UNREAL)  They are the ones who aren't behaving neighborly.  Neighbors take care of each other without the need to bring others down.  They need a dose of Mr. Rogers.  Stat.

That's our mailbox.  Admittedly, it's bright.  I'm zooming in from our gate.

I think this is both funny and not funny.  Our neighbors make up all kinds of stories and spread them as if they were "fact."  I know, because someone flat out asked me if SRP gave us a grant for our new driveway.  #HELLNO.  They were awful and rotten about the whole thing.  That's another story, for another time.  I've expended too much energy on the mailbox rant.

"I think they'd like you to paint it brighter" is the motto for the weekend.  As my dad always liked to say, "Don't let the turkeys bring you down."  Amen.

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system!

Hope you are well and that you find something funny, curious, or thought-provoking to brighten your days.

Take care!



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