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The Friday Tomfoolery

For Friends, Fools, and the Fabulous

Hello, Friday Fools! 

I love soup. No, I really, really love soup. I even love it during the hellacious Phoenix summer or as I like to call them, the hubs of hell months. Soup is right up there with hot coffee and tea--the hotter the better.

My love of soup is so great that my family thinks I'm bonkers for it, even during the colder months. It might be because I talk about either making or eating it a lot when it gets colder, but I actually got some flak for it on day 3 of the following conversation.

Days one and two...

Some family member ("some" 😆): What's for dinner?

Me: I was thinking we'd have (insert specific type) soup.

Day three's addition... 

Family member who shall remain anonymous: Soup? Again? Soup is not a meal! (insert indignant tone)

Me: 😶  😶  😶 Do you even know me?

The kicker was, I was planning soup as an accompaniment for that dinner. And before everyone jumps on the bandwagon of "soup ain't a meal," days one and two soups were stars of their own shows with an ensemble cast, queens in their own right, not that I need to justify soup. 

At any rate, I waited until Unnamed got home for him to find out the truth about dinner: soup had already been demoted pre-conversation because I didn't want a riot. 🙄 Diss soup before I'm finished speaking and you can most certainly wait to find out what else you're getting. If anything, she mutters under her breath 😉

Soup mastery aside, I have pronouns in my favor for this tale. Everyone here but me uses the pronoun "he," saving me from being busted for an accidental call out. Even the dogs are male.

Outnumbered but not outmaneuvered.

That's right.

A meme with multilayered levels on a triangle, like Maslow's hierarchy of needs only with soup.

I felt seen and validated when I found this meme. It's also a fun reminder for myself on those days I'm not feeling it, because let's be honest--my soup does rock. Lol. I've reached the pinnacle of the soup hierarchy. My soup needs are being met, even if it felt a little shady there on "day three." 😉

So when I struggle with blog posts such as my Ground Hog Day post I can say to myself:

 But, Ami. you make your own soup and your family likes it. 

Why, yes. Yes, I do. (nods head in agreement--because I'm not always in agreement with myself...)

So I have two questions for you:

  • What is a food you can eat for many a meal or is an absolute favorite?
  • When you are hard on yourself, what's something you do or say to cheer yourself up? (Or at least shift your attitude, realizing this could be different things on different days)

With that, I hope everyone is well and that you find something funny, curious, or thought-provoking to brighten your days. 🤠

Take care and thanks for reading The Friday Tomfoolery. 🐴

-Ami 💜

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