A Bunch of Bad Hair Days

Yesterday, I was feeling like a Cocker Spaniel. 

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Look how sad and droopy.  It was all about my hair.  My hair was flattened to my head, with a wavy mess trailing down.  It’s a good look for this dog, but not for me.  Actually, the dog is very beautiful–I wasn’t feeling beautiful, however.  No, my hair wasn’t the silken and shinyVeronica Lake waves, either.  So, well after 10 years of not blow drying my own hair (the hair stylist does but not me) I decided to buy a fancy, schmancy blow dryer.  You know, shake things up a bit.  I thought it might give my hair a little lift and solve the occasional frizzy issue–you know, all the ionic talk.  The hairdryer arrived yesterday and I used it today…
Today, I feel like a Puli who has had a blow dry with a diffuser.

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I’m afraid I’m not winning this battle.
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