A Hug for a Stranger

I was going to meet someone for coffee this morning, when I saw a much older man who was very similar in carriage and build as this friend I was meeting.  As we walked towards each other, I couldn’t resist telling him that I was holding back frantic waving, because he looked like someone I knew.  He asked me if I liked this person and I said yes.  He asked me, “Do you like him enough to give him a hug?”  I said, “Yes” and gave him a big hug and happily continued on my way.  The little old guy was too cute in his beret and looked so similar to Taylor, who, after all that, forgot to meet me.  (He’s prone to that.)  I enjoyed the sunshine and the birds in the tree above me, who were singing and vying for my muffin crumbs.  I also enjoyed the impromptu hug with a stranger because everyone else wandering around the Biltmore late this morning were too good to be bothered with a simple smile.  Too bad for them–they probably think a dinner salad is meant to be an entire meal and don’t use salad dressing, either!

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