A Sign! Mutts & Minis

It’s a sign!  I was talking to our pest guy, Tony, about Buddy–all the service people are asking because Buddy made it known that he was here & this was his house.  It was reciprocal entertainment, actually.  At one point Tony mentioned Halo rescue shelter.  Halo is one of his clients and when he’s done working there, he goes in & plays with the dogs.  We chatted a bit more and then he said he was going to go home & hug his English Bulldog.  I’m surrounded by sensitive ponytail guys–it was very sweet.  You have to love that!  Coupled with the dogs are Minis–hear me out…while I love my Mini it’s getting a little small for the boys in the back seat & hot, as well.  We’ve been looking at the Countryman (it’s the kind of a silly looking SUV Mini–like a Mini on steroids, wearing platforms; it’s the silver 4-door in the pic), but it fits the boys comfortably in the back, Jon can manage in the front while the boys are the back (can’t in the Mini) and it’s grown on me.  Besides, it’s still a Mini.  I just had that conversation with Tony (the pest guy) last Friday and about a week ago I had the Countryman conversation with Tony (the mailman–he’s a Mini fan & was chatting me up about my Mini).  This shows up in my inbox this morning:

Tell me that isn’t a sign?  Please pass your comments on to Chief, so he can get on board, too.

Yes, they both are named Tony.

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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