Another Reason to Love Top Gear

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Our family enjoys watching the BBC version of Top Gear.  Chief & Big Monkey are motor heads of sorts, Little Man likes the squealing of tires, speeding and occasional wacky stunts the hosts pull and I just find the hosts funny and a little bit off.  I wonder aloud what it would be like to have The Stig’s job.  We are currently catching up with back episodes on Netflixs and there have been 2 episodes from Season 2 where Jeremy has mentioned donkeys.  Love donkeys!  Makes me love the show even more.  Jeremy has 3 donkeys named Jeffrey, Eddie and Christian Scott donkey.  Too much.  He also had a tin bank that he put coins in on another episode.  For every car that had more than one person in it on the M-5, he’d put (can’t remember how much) in it–for the donkey rescue!  Sadly, there more singletons on the freeway than carpoolers.  He kept shaking the tin, hollering, “Come on people!  What about the donkeys?”

Yes, people!  What about the donkeys?!!!

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