An evening sunset with fire pink, pink, grey, and white clouds. The fire pink is a slash across the bottom with darker grey above it Fluffy light pink and light grey clouds with a smattering of white. tiny bits of blue peeking out in the fading light and tiny bits of tree tops at the bottom right corner.

Tomfoolery Roundup


Play Tomfoolery Faro and see what you’ll find. This is an archive of my newsletter, The Friday Tomfoolery. Have a look at some of my past shenanigans, updates, and curiosities. Click and see what comes up. Entertain yourself for a bit or use it as a Magic 8 Ball of sorts.

Have a laugh because laughter really is the best medicine of all. 💜

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The Friday Tomfoolery Cogitating and Chickens 🧐🐓

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  • Caren Gallimore

    Baby Yoda! I was clueless until my son’s girlfriend did a Yoda-themed Birthday for him last year. This year she bought him a HUGE baby Yoda for his bedroom. Yah, Baby Yoda!

    • Ami

      OMG! I 💚💚💚 that! My Baby Yoda Christmas this year may have failed, but there’s always next year and other celebrations!

      Thanks so much for sharing that. Made my day! 🤗

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