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The Reluctant Bandit Book Blog Tour

August 17th kicks off my blog tour. 🎉 I’m going to be featured on a different blog each day. On Thursday there’s an “interview.” I’ll put links to all of the “stops” on my events page, updating it each day until the end of the tour. Last week there was a series of cover reveals. I’ve listed the links on the events page as well. It’s been fun checking out how other people handle their websites and what types of books they’re promoting.

I’m also reposting the banners from the blog stops on Instagram, so if you do the ‘gram check it out. Not connected but coinciding this week, is a photo challenge on Instagram. It’s #aboutmywip hosted by Bethany Atazadeh. Even though most of the authors are primarily Sci-fi and YA, I thought it’d be a fun way to reflect on The Reluctant Bandit. Open it up a new way. Let me know how these representations land for you. It’s interesting how others see your characters, and I love hearing these different reflections and fresh perspectives. That was the fun part of the beta reader process! The part that wasn’t fun was handing it off and waiting 😬 –I’m not super patient and I make up stories while I’m proverbially biting my nails. That’s also why I decided to join this challenge–it keeps my mind off of wondering what you all are thinking and will there be another review and when will it be and…You get the picture. I’m keeping busy and have also returned to my plotting and outline for Jimmy’s story. (I may actually have come up with a title!) With that said, I really do enjoy dialogue and connecting–honestly, give me a shout out (talk to me Goose) in whatever way feels good to you. Here, there, anywhere. (I love Dr. Seuss, can you tell?)

I want to give you all a shout out for being so awesome with this release! You’ve been excited, have said kind and supportive things to me, and many have bought my book!!! A handful are waiting for the print version 📚 coming in about a month 🤞🏼. I already had one person finish and review it! Reviews are author’s gold and the next kindest gift you can give, aside from buying our books and giving us moral support. They’re super appreciated and reflect what works and doesn’t work. It helps us see what you like and offers us an opportunity to become better writers. Or at least more decisive in our choices. There was also a bunch of you who were super sweet about my video! That felt like the video of a thousand takes. I finally got the video squared away and then the book wasn’t released at all retailers on release day, so I had to make a new video. I was tired of talking (fancy that!) and I was certainly tired of looking at myself. Another thing you were all awesome about (well, you’re awesome all around, but specifically for this release party) is the purple bandana. I’m going to use the hashtag #purpleclan because of all the purple bandana love. I’m mentioning it so you can use it and follow it, too. I’ve never done anything like this before. All you all are supporting my silly and I really enjoy that.

I’m closing this out by reminding you all how much you mean to me! Not just for this release, but in the every day. I know, this is kind of an “I love you, man” moment, but it’s heartfelt. You. All. Are. The. Best.

Seriously. I 💜 you. 🦄🤠🐴💜

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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