Buddy & Buddy

A dinnertime jingle for Buddy
Buddy doesn’t like cats, bats or rats.
He doesn’t like delivery men with hats.
He likes meats, treats and sweets
And smelly things, like summertime feet.
He can be a gross dog but we love him so
We will really miss him when it’s his time to go.
Big Monkey started that jingle and then I finished it.  I share it here because we were looking for a birthday gift for a friend when we came across this string doll that looks a lot like Buddy—and its name is Buddy!  I have to figure out where it’ll go—because I’m not one for a big wad of key chains and tchotchkes but this one is sure cute:

We bought it at Frances Vintage http://www.francesvintage.com/, in case you’re interested.  I’ll add it to the one from http://www.curlygirldesign.com/ that has one of my favorite sayings, “I’m off to join the circus.”  It gets said fairly frequently in our house, mostly by me.

At any rate, here’s the real deal:

Not the best comparison pic (plus, his head isn’t as roundy) but he does share similarities in person.  Really, he does.  My house full of guests and family agree–or they are just being agreeable…

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