Buddy & Trigger

We started our search for a dog in a kind of official capacity last weekend by going to AZ Animal Welfare League’s shelter.  There were a lot of furry faces to visit that it quickly became overwhelming.  In retrospect, we were so haphazard in our selection process last time.  We chose two male dogs who were roughly the same age, but they weren’t litter mates and they weren’t being kenneled together.  Trigger (who at the time was called “Trasher”) was campaigning very hard to be chosen.  I could practically hear him yelling, “OOOH, pick me!  Pick me!!!”  Buddy was much more laid back with a kind of “how you doing” sort of vibe, who seemed very quiet.  Little did we know!  They were the only two we asked to look at, they seemed to get along and then we decided we’d take them both.  There you have it. 

Jon & I were talking about the dogs we saw and comparing notes when I remembered taking Buddy and Trigger home with us.  Trigger could not get out of the shelter fast enough.  He practically drug me through the lobby and jumped right into the back of the truck the second he could clear the gate.  With the look on his face and his extreme panic I would’ve expected him to reach down to give Buddy him a hand all the while shouting, “Come on man!  We have to leave now!  Hurry before they leave without us!”  Buddy, however, had spied a person arriving to turn in two cats.  He lunged and scared one of the poor cats under some lady’s car and was way more interested in that whole scenario than jumping ship with Trigger.  It was quite a circus ride.  I had taken the dogs out to the truck by myself while Jon finished paying because Trigger was in a hell-fire hurry to leave.  Boy-howdy.  All these tucked-away memories have been popping up because of the dog search.  We are planning on going back tomorrow to visit and do a better job of getting everyone more focused.  Wish us luck! 

I really need to organize my photo library.  I have good pics of the dogs and can never find them when I’m looking for or needing them!
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