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Homework: Weeping, Wailing & Nashing of the Teeth

 The fifth circle (Anger) by Stradanus via Wikipedia I like helping.  I enjoy helping.  I derive satisfaction from helping.  However, seldom does homework fall under this category for me.  One would think it would.  It does not.  In our house it’s often a knock-down, drag-out fight involving a lot of shouting–sometimes from me.  Lots of…

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So, how did I get here? (Talking Heads, anyone?)

I’m just wrapping up a fantastic online course, DIY PR offered by The Crafty Chica, aka Kathy Cano-Murillo.  You can find out about her on either of her sites: or  This course has pushed me to write miscellaneous thoughts in a more public forum and forced me to really think about what I feel is important.  My…