Coffee From a Stranger

When I pulled up to the window at Starbucks this afternoon, the barista leaned out, looking very apologetic, and began with, “OK, about your coffee…” and all I could think of was “they are out of caramel brulee” and “Wow, he doesn’t have to be that sorry about it–he’s being so nice!”  Instead, he surprised me with “the car ahead of you paid for your coffee.”  What a nice thing for them to do!  I was so surprised that I almost forgot to wave a “thank you” to them.  They were almost gone by the time the barista was done “surprising” me; fortunately, the passenger looked back just as I turned to look at them in the driveway & I waved in time.  I didn’t even think to honk my horn in thanks, because I’m not a horn honker anymore–emergencies only (not a big fan of getting shot or yelled at).  At any rate, I’ve always wanted to buy someone their coffee and now I totally am going to–no more thinking about it!  Thank you, kind couple!  I plan on passing on your kindness.

PS: The cynic in me says, “It beats the hell out of getting the door slammed in your face as you walk in a store behind someone!”  The grateful person in me says that I shouldn’t write that previous comment because I am grateful for their kindness and don’t want to ruin it with being funny but truthful…Then, there’s odd third voice that says, write it because no matter what, this trumps all the times when people have behaved rudely.  Why?  Because I won’t stoop to the letting a door go in someone’s face, that’s just rude, but I will mimic kindness with kindness.  Won’t you?

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