Cold Mountain and My Funk

Hazy sky behind a snow capped mountain with dusky grey and purple clouds covering the lower portions. the bottom of the frame is filled with a dense forest.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a meeting where another person was complained about the “punctuation” in Cold Mountain (the novel). Of course, I had to immediately look up the book (I knew there was a movie with Jude Law, but that’s about all I could muster up). As this person was talking, I’m on my phone looking things up.

Here’s what went through my head:

*Why haven’t I read this? (When the book was released, the Civil War was still something I skirted around, sadly. It’s a period of time that I have troubles reconciling.)

*Is the punctuation as bad as this person is saying? (No, but I hear her complaint. It’s more the lack of quotation marks and it’s a stylistic thing which–ironic to this person’s complaints, make the word choice Frazier uses work harder)

I actually enjoyed the book, but boy, did it take my mood down. I read it before bed which is always a bad idea. First off, I’m a “just one more chapter” kind of gal and whatever I read really affects my mood. Letting my brain sit on all that right before bed is like going to bed immediately after eating a full meal requiring a lot of digestion.

Not the best idea.

*Did I like it? (It took me a hot minute to get into it because it had a slow start and rightfully so because of the context and the content)

*Did it make me sad? (Hell, yes. I think this was the flavoring of my Petty Pebbles. Just sayin’.)

Initially, I had a hard time figuring out what, exactly, these pebbles were, but when I finished the book I knew what was ushering this mood along. This book was like a good cattle dog nipping at the heels. Doing the job very efficiently even if painful for the recipient.

The movie is now on my list because I’m a glutton for punishment (high emotions coupled with an emotional gal coming from a family who doesn’t like to express emotions–say that five times 🤦🏻‍♀️) and beauty (the novel had beautiful language and imagery even at its basest level). Fortunately, I’ve climbed out of that funk and am ready to ride out to the next adventure in emotions.

Snow covered mountain scene with a house and out building covered in snow surrounded by snow-covered pines. The sky is blue at the top, layered with clouds at the bottom. It's a very white scene.
Photo by Hermann Schmider on Pixabay

What books or movies have put you in a deep state (no matter what kind)? Do you have books or movies that you love but also make you terribly sad or upset?

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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  1. Thanks for asking!
    I loved, loved, loved Cold Mountain. On my list of all-time faves.
    Deep state books: I’m rereading Wolf Hall series, out of order, but I’ll never finish Book Three because, well, the idea of that immediate POV when one’s head is becoming (ahem) detached from one’s body creeps me out. I’m not even curious.
    Also: why the heck aren’t I receiving your newsletter?
    I get the Tomfoolery. I just now learned you have another!
    Sign up complete.
    Until next time

  2. Yaas! I love to hear 🥳

    I’m so glad that person made the comment and got me curious. Such. A. Good. Book. I’m still climbing out of the sad from that.

    Thanks for that reminder! I started the Wolf Hall series and had to stop because of work. *puts back on list* Now, you’ve got me curious about book 3!

    You rock, Vicki! Thank you for reading and commenting. Curiosities are the blog posts that are linked in the Tomfoolery (at the bottom and sometimes in the body of the newsletter) but don’t have their own delivery system. I guess that’s the best way to put it. They hang out on the website hoping people will read and comment 🤗

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