Cooking Strike

I’ve been on a cooking strike for quite some time now.  I don’t know what I really feel like eating which seems to make shopping for ingredients and cooking them nearly impossible.  I even tried to trick myself into thinking that if I went to the store something would “grab” me.  I haven’t been grabbed or even remotely groped by an idea or food item—not even at the store where food items are lurking about.  My story has now very much so bored me and I still have a fairly bare fridge and no dinner plans in sight.  I feed the children lots of good foods from the fridge but nothing that constitutes a proper cooked meal.  I justify not cooking because of the heat–still here in case you’re wondering but probably not.  But that, too, will get so old that I’ll have to either break down and make an actual meal or find another paltry excuse.  Right this second I’m searching my mind for excuses…any ideas (meals, not excuses)?  Eating out doesn’t count because we’ve done that a plenty.
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