Crazy Cleaners

Our friend, Jim, told us the funniest story yesterday.  He uses a cleaning service for his rental properties and one day he called them up and had them go to a house that had been vacated.  He gave them the address, told them the house was empty and the key was under the mat.  The usual procedure is, the scheduler tells Jim when the cleaners can go and one of the cleaners calls Jim to tell him roughly how long the job will take, once they get there.  When Jim received the call what he hears is that the job (which normally takes a couple of hours) is going to take at least 4 hours, because the house is so dirty and there’s furniture in there and a cat.

Girl: It’s taken us an hour and an half to clean the kitchen.  You said the house would be empty, but it has furniture and you have a cat.

Jim: Cat?!  Furniture?!  You’re in the wrong house.  Get out of there!  I’m on my way!

Girl: Do you know these people?

Jim: No, and I’m not about to introduce myself now.

Girl: She (the scheduler) said that the front door would be unlocked.

Jim: No, I said I left the key under the mat at the front door.

As Jim’s pulling up to the house all of the cleaning ladies are piling into their car, driving from the one driveway to the driveway next door.  They are all laughing hysterically.  By the time they are finished cleaning the correct house, the people who live in the house they started to clean had come home.

I wonder if they enjoyed their newly cleaned kitchen or if they are completely freaked out.  I also wonder why in the world they’d leave their house without locking the front door.

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