two skeletons with tricorn hats. One is trimmed with white feathers and at the other with black feathers. Both hats have red and gold trim. One skeleton is sitting and the other is standing behind it, leaning over the sitting one. They are in a corner with windows on either side.

It’s that time of year: Skelly’s Ahoy!

I came across this gem today: These 12 foot skeletons aren’t just for Halloween. I feel like I’ve found more members of my tribe. I do hats, some of these people do shirts. We all do skellys all year long. Mine aren’t 12 feet tall, but they do sit near the dining room table with us. They look like they’re posing for a cover of an 80’s album in that pic! My…

desert hill with fire bird cloud, sun shining through clouds

Hurry Up!: Now, slow way down

In the last Friday Tomfoolery, I wrote about the liminal state that The Lawman, my work in progress, is in. I’m having to shift gears, again. From the onset of this manuscript, I’ve had one life event after another happen. Big things not everyday annoyances. Family issues, my own two surgeries, and my mother’s hospice and subsequent death. It was a long-ass three years that stirred up a lot of unresolved and/or…

beautiful and healthy coyote standing in the middle of a neighborhood street. Law in front of it and a bush behind it. It's looking directly at the camera.

Man vs. “Wild”: when animals “encroach” the neighborhoods

I just read a NYT article about peacocks which made me think about all the feral cats roaming around Phoenix. I feel bad for them because it’s hot here and their numbers increased when the housing market crashed in 2008. (I’m feeling a little old saying it that way: “Back in ’08…”). Arizona was one the hardest hit places, along with California, Florida, and Nevada. A lot of people lost their homes…

red cowboy boots sitting on a faded wood floor of a gazebo. Dark furniture in the background.

The Cockroach Meets My Boot: one student’s horror story

Here’s something I wrote years ago on my other blog, Through a Bird’s eye. Enjoy! (Not the boots I wore that day–those were tall boots, my standard wear.) One morning during class, I was circulating, checking in on the groups & their progress, when I spied a very large cockroach crawling across the back wall. I gasped & said, cockroach, but aside from those in the back row moving their chairs away…

Cooper's hawk sitting on the back of a green park bench, looking out over a paved driveway. The bench is next to a palm tree and has a bush behind it.

Our Family of Cooper’s Hawks: My complete obsession

For the past five or so years, we’ve had sporadic sightings of a lone Cooper’s hawk in our yard, which I loved. He even brought his kills to my front window, enjoying them as I gawked at him from my desk. The view from my desk is really spectacular. If you were to look out my window, you might say, “Ah, that’s nice.” However, the real treat is watching the spectacle of…

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