My “New” Year Starts in February

My “New” Year Starts in February

Well, Happy (belated) Ground Hog’s Day, Imbolc, and Lunar New Year! This time of year naturally feels more like a new year to me. Ever since I was little, I’ve had some feelings about the (Gregorian) New Year. It didn’t feel right. No particular reason, it just didn’t. But I really wanted it to feel right. The proposed freshness, possibility, dare I say the newness? Why wasn’t I excited like other people?…

Mutant “year” reflection

Mutant “year” reflection

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past two years. Perhaps you can relate to the following: they’ve felt more like one super mutant year where time isn’t the same versus two distinct years. Time blended and seemed to bend, more often than not feeling like an out of body experience. It was such a liminal space and not necessarily a comfortable one at that. Now we’re at the beginning of the…

My Clifton Strengths in a short story

I came up with the short story below, right after I finished a class summary Zoom call. It gave me a chuckle because it was the perfect amalgam for the bits I needed to hear and learn coupled with what I did immediately after the call. My “strengths” are featured as characters. These are from the Strengths Finder personality test (Gallup/Strengths Finder) that the Write Better Faster Academy primarily uses. For clarity…

My New Flags

We have a giant flagpole in our front yard. We added it when we were forced to remodel our driveway a bunch of years back. That’s a good story and I suggest you read it: We didn’t move zip codes but our driveway did. (Side note: our driveway used to come down from where the wooden gate is on the block wall…) Chief’s bought a series of American flags from different vendors.…

The year our driveway moved zip codes

It’s true. It’s bizarre. And it happened the first year we moved into the house we currently live in–we had to actually move our driveway which forced a zip code change. Side note: this also necessitated a post office change, meaning I had all new carriers. Fortunately, I’ve loved all of my postal workers. They’re awesome. We live on two-thirds of an acre which was part of a former orange grove. It’s…

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