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I’m so glad you found me! This is the space where I reflect on random things, tell real-life stories, share story ideas, story snippets, and make odd connections. It’s one of many external repositories for my brain dumps and more crafted bits of sharing.

I have a variety of interests and love learning new things, so there’s breadth to things I read and write about, as well as study. Perpetual student. My formal studies focused on Restoration/18th century British literature but I came upon an idea for a medieval Scottish Historical and played with it for a few years. That’s a story for another time. I liked those characters but they were difficult in their own ways. I needed seemingly straight forward characters to finish my first novel. I say seemingly because everything is not as it appears to be. Isn’t life like that, too? I plotted and partially wrote another Scottish historical and loved those characters, but was sidetracked by life. Years later, I decided to become more and less serious about writing. Oxymoron, yes. I’ll also write about that, later. In part, it’s the principle of holding on too tightly and not relaxing. There were a lot of rules rolling around in my head, some of them conflicting and contradicting each other. That combination didn’t allow for progress. I had to let go of expectations and overly strict rule following, and enjoy the ride.

I took craft classes but had to change that up, as well. Last summer, I was asked to work on a new project instead of trying to fix those Scottish historicals I previously mentioned. It made total sense. However, I had no idea what I wanted to do, moderately stressing myself out. Who am I kidding? I was really stressed out. However, there was one exercise I did for this class that didn’t work out as well for the purpose of the exercise but was a kernel of excitement for me. (If you must know, it was about foreshadowing. I was foreshadowing something bigger and less obvious, but could’ve done better for the purposes of the exercise.) It was totally different than what I had played with previously. With the instructor’s approval and enthusiasm, I ran with it. That kernel eventually turned into a post Civil War period historical with western and romantic elements. It was fun. It was different from what I worked with and what I imagined doing.

So, that’s where this story begins–in the Arizona Territory. I have four novels planned for this series, starting with The Reluctant Bandit. That will be coming this summer, 2020. This is one of the projects where I have a fairly linear idea of where I’m going. I put the inner critics in a timeout (they didn’t stay there, trust me; it was like having them in the backseat of my car as I’m driving–they tried to climb over the seat while I had one hand on the wheel, beating them back with the other, twisted awkwardly while trying to drive safely), yes that was long–I’ll start a new sentence. I allowed myself to enjoy these characters and let them tell me the stories they wanted to tell. Some of the characters surprised me, especially the villains. I tend to be circular with some linear aspects, because, well, I have to. Be linear, that is. It makes logical sense but my mind gets swirly and excited about things, and I have to eventually rein it in. I’m powered by squirrels, distractions, digressions, and random thoughts.

Welcome to my world. I’m glad to have you.

So a woman walks in with a parrot in her bag…

So a woman walks in with a parrot in her bag…

Two things: First of all, I’ve been excited to prank L since I left the doctor’s office two weeks ago. You can read about that here. Second, I realized that I had an earlier appointment than I did last appointment and that L comes in later…I couldn’t roll in dirty with a parrot on my shoulder, wearing an eye patch to prank her because she wouldn’t be there! To be honest, I…

It’s worth the price of a parrot

It’s worth the price of a parrot

In my last post, I mentioned being in the hospital for surgery. That was in December. I feel good but I’m still recovering from it. I had a tumor removed (it was hiding under a facial nerve in the large saliva gland). Long story short, half my face isn’t functioning at full capacity. At first, it looked like I had a stroke. Then it looked like someone had used a mismatched Mr.…

The Death Star

I was at the hospital waiting in pre-op (yes, my second surgery of the 2020) watching through the small opening of my curtain, biding my time. The staff marched around with great purpose and what looked like efficiency. Who am I to judge whether or not they were efficient? 🤷🏻‍♀️ They looked like they had a purpose and were carrying out their tasks without delay. I always knew there were different colored…

Finding your roots

Finding your roots

What do you think of when you read that? Normally, I’d think of digging into your past and seeing the places that you came from. Maybe it’s a family tree, some sort of lineage (family, work, tradition), or even your ethnic background. Roots–things that ground a plant, tree, or even a person. She moved to ____, planting roots. Stability. A sense of timelessness and permanency (as much as life can be “permanent”–we’re…

2020: the year of falling down the stairs

I took a fall down a flight of concrete stairs the last weekend of January. I didn’t think much of it in terms of a metaphor for 2020 until yesterday. It’s post election in the US. Things are by no means settled, emphasizing this feeling of free fall. Either outcome, the US has a lot of work to do collectively and individually. This made me think about how I tend to sweat…

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