Day One and a Virus: tales of the technically challenged

mini pokey and gumby dolls on a wood desk surround by crystals, baby Yoda and a computer

I’ve been using an old laptop connected to a bunch of external devices for the past 5 years. Before that, I used a laptop on its own. I put it on a stack of books to get it to the proper height–very high tech. It’s worked well, for the most part. At least until I had to do track changes which initiated the external device situation I was in (this was my “double space after period” travesty for those who were around, pre-blog–there were so many track change lines I couldn’t make heads or tails of what I was looking at). At any rate, a lot of cords and whatnot that I had to solicit help with (when the speakers or monitor wouldn’t connect, etc.) but it got the job done. 👍🏼

For Christmas, Chief bought me a Mac Mini that works so much better, along with the added benefits of less cords and a fresh start.

angled view of a wood desk covered with 3 plants, crystals, a Baby Yoda bobble head, a mini Gumby and Pokey and a partially visual computer
This is the cluttered view. Those items stay. Note, the tiny computer and the lack of computer-related cords…

Literally–physically and emotionally.

My desk is somewhat clear (it’s an antique library desk–lots of space you don’t see). My computer is brand new. I’ve only loaded a few things onto it, and only the items I am immediately using. It was the reboot that I needed.

So, why am I sharing this with you? Because out of the gate, I got a virus (malware) while on Facebook. A platform that I do not love, no less. Seriously. I had the laptop for at least 6 years and I didn’t manage to do anything terribly stupid with it and avoided viruses…day 1 of my “reboot”? Virus.

Fortunately, Chief came home and helped me rid the computer of it, but still. This event reinforced the need for a more stable foundation to build on. If this had happened on my old laptop it could’ve been a huge disaster. That computer was a mess of my own doing. I’m a digital hoarder, and like a squirrel, I don’t know where I’ve buried all of my “treasures.” Because of this, I can’t always find what I’m looking for; don’t know what I even have; and other things take so long to find.

Digital disaster.

I’ve been dragging my feet about doing much of anything about it because feels like a behemoth of a job. The final straws came when I did interviews (here and here) this year. I couldn’t find my headshot, my book cover, and I didn’t have basic information typed out for situations like this. A whole lot of extra work–it was ridiculous. I was intentional as to where I put these needed items, and then I couldn’t find them in the places where I was sure I had put them.

Too many shenanigans. The entirely wrong kind for this shenanigans gal.

I even drove Chief and the boys nuts with it. I got complaints. (Periodic, mind you. Not constant.)

This reboot has forced the slow and steady process of organizing my digital life. The thought of which is has been so painful for me. After this virus/malware scare and the hours I’ve previously wasted searching for necessary items, I’m finally taking action. I took it seriously before, I just didn’t take enough of the needed action.

My materials are spread across the web-o-verse like space garbage and I have no idea how to reel it all in. I have multiple cloud storage systems, for starters. A year or so ago, I was told to choose which I did. (It may or may not have been a reluctant choice at the time…)

Now, the clean up.

I feel a heavy dose of delete coming on…stay tuned.

(If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!)

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