Dessert Stomach

I have this theory, which is completely, anatomically incorrect: we have a “food” stomach and a “dessert” stomach.  I used to say that a lot, before kids.  I’m full up with food, but there’s a little room “up top” for dessert and a decaf. 

We’ve been on Little Man lately, because he says he is full when in fact he is not.  He just no longer wants what he has on his plate but is still hungry.  So we had to make it really clear to him that he needed to be specific about what he means by “full.”  Is he no longer wanting food or is he full of what he has and would like something else?  Not that he’s going to get a short order sort of meal because he needs to know that we eat dinner and then are done when we leave the table (he’d prefer to graze, if he could).  Tonight, he was very specific about his level of “full” and what that entailed.  I was really surprised to hear my “theory” presented to me by my youngest, who has previously not heard this.  He actually pointed to a place on his upper abdomen where the food part stops and then showed where the dessert part has its place.  Again, I’m really pretty sure that he has not heard me say that but wonder where this comes from.  Genetics at work?  Who knows.  I do have to say that I agree with the kid! 

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