Dogs and Delivery People

This is kind of a two-fold story.  Part of it has to do with dogs and part has to do with the mailman.  I preface today’s story this way, because Chief was making fun of me (in a good way) about my relationship with our mail carriers.  It starts like this…

A couple of days ago, the mailman left a package for me at the front door.  I went to the porch to pick it up and went around the corner, to holler “thank you!”  Tony, the mailman, comes back and very quietly and tentatively asks, “Is everything o.k. with your dog?  I haven’t heard him in a while.”  I explain what happened and he tells me how sorry he is and how he knew that he made Buddy’s day.  He most certainly did!  Nothing gave that dog greater joy than letting the world know that this was his home and he has his hairy eyeball on you!  He was yelling at the UPS guy the day before we had to put him down–stomach cancer be damned!  Nancy says that Buddy is in doggy heaven, kickin’ ass and taking names.  I’m pretty sure he is, too.

At any rate, this leads to Tony telling me a story about his last two sets of dogs.  (I told him that Chief wanted a break between dogs.  The boys & I would love more, now.)  He had a Tibetan Terrier, who was allegedly as dumb as a box of rocks.  It was a kind of medium sized dog with long, silky hair.  Once, it was lost for two days and one of the other mail carriers saw a sign for him.  Tony went to the lady’s house to get his dog, but the dog didn’t want to come home because she was getting ready to cook bacon.  I told him my kids would probably do the same thing to me if someone was getting ready to cook bacon, but that’s a different story.  At any rate, this dog’s day finally came and Tony decided he wanted to be dogless for a while.

Tibetan Terrier via google search

He said he has some neighbors who were apparently a little odd about animals.  One day, the man rang Tony’s doorbell and told him his dog was outside.  Tony tried to tell him that he didn’t have a dog any more, but the man insisted.  He shows him a Lhasa Apso.  This dog is a lot smaller than his old terrier but similar in coloring and long haired.  The man then insisted there were two.  Where?  Around the corner peeks another one.  Apparently, they were brother and sister.  From no dogs to two and in no time!  Tony tried to contact the owner, but she had moved and left no forwarding address with licensing.  He even went to her old neighborhood to look for her.  He also had all of his carrier friends look out for signs.  No luck.  He’s now the proud owner of two dogs, which he says are the smartest dogs, ever.  He even showed me pics on his cell. 

Lhasa Apso via google search

Now, as I’m telling Chief this story he’s chuckling at me.  I’m becoming annoyed because I think he’s making fun of my idle chatting about dogs.  No.  He thinks it’s amusing that I’m “friends with all the mailmen”–his words.  He thinks it’s even funnier because Tony never really talked to me before and this is the second time in a couple of weeks that I’ve mentioned him.  The first was our long conversation about our love of Mini Coopers.  He’s been on our route for a couple of years now and he’s just now warming up to me.  Always friendly, but on the shy side.  Pat, our old mailman, loved to chat.  Loved to chat and was no wallflower.  If he had a package for me, you better believe he was ringing the gate to let me know he was a coming.  So, Chief says, you’re the only one I know who is friends with the all the delivery people.  I don’t find that odd at all.  I think I’m pretty darn blessed to have such great delivery people coming to my house.  What I think is so funny are the stories these people tell me.  Yes, they are nice and have funny stories to share.  Who doesn’t like to get to know someone better, especially when it involves a good-natured laugh?

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