Donkey Love

Photo of card purchased from Tokyo Milk website
I love donkeys and mules–they are so cute!  This one flies, which I love.  I took a pic of it and now it’s my cell phone screen saver.  I have a shadow pic of my dog (another donkey-like creature) as my cell phone wall paper.  One night I carried on and on about donkeys so much so that chief downloaded me a ringtone of a donkey braying for me.  I get immense pleasure out of it.  It’s now our ringtones for each other.  I joke that people at work are going to think he’s the ass when they ask “What’s that noise?”  and he says, “It’s a donkey–my wife’s calling.”  The boys and I let the cell ring for as long as possible so we can hear the donkey when Chief calls, giggling all the while.  It totally puts a smile on my face.  I can be easily entertained.

My ringtones for chief have always put a smile on my face.  Some recents ones are “Back in Black” by AC/DC (the image, a stuffed duck that little man dressed up with winter gear–knitted hat and mittens) and Bethoveen’s Fifth (the image is one of our dogs looking very pissy–that one gave me miles of enjoyment and chuckles because the image went so well with the serious and thunderous opening of that movement). 

Every day things should give you some sort of pleasure or satisfaction, even if you are not as easily entertained as me.  What gives you great pleasure?

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