Easter Bunny Disaster and What Won’t Happen This Year

So, this is the first Easter where we do not have to let the dogs out at the crack of dawn, hoping they won’t wake up the kids and that they take care of their business quickly–coming right back in so we can “hide” Easter eggs.  It’ll be easier, yet strange.  It’s also the first Easter where we don’t have to keep an hairy eyeball on Buddy so that he doesn’t get into the Easter baskets, either.  Again, easier but strange.  I’m just now getting over the fact that I don’t have to push food back on the counters and put things up when I leave the house or even walk away from food for a moment.

Last Easter we came home from spending the afternoon at our friends’ house to find Buddy sprawled across the foyer floor, unmoving.  (Yet another odd thing about Easter this year–we don’t get to spend it with the two families we’ve spent Easter with for the past two or so years.  Sad and strange–we miss you Sarah & family!)  Usually, Buddy gets up to greet us or at least has something to say about it.  I started my usual chatter about his being too lazy to greet us and what’s going on with you, when I noticed the foil wrapper on the floor, nearby.  I realized that it belonged to a large chocolate Easter bunny and I asked the boys who forgot to put up their bunny.  There was a moment of someone starting to get upset over the loss of a delicious chocolate treat, when I reminded them that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.  They know this because I’m very serious about it and, generally, they are very good about keeping chocolate away from the dogs.  We all get quiet and peer at Buddy.  He looked miserable.  In fact, it’s the one time (prior to his final scare) that I was seriously worried about him.  His belly was bloated and he looked uncomfortable and then there’s that poisonous factor, too.  As I’m rubbing his tummy and looking into his eyes, I decided I’d watch him for a little bit and see what happens–he’s eaten chocolate before (counter surfing) and it didn’t phase him.  This time the quantity was a lot larger and, honestly, frightening.  So we left him there and he rallied after about an half hour, albeit slowly.  He’s way too curious about what we are up to after being out then to take it laying down.  After that he was back to his old self and so were we.

This all came up for me when Sharon asked me last Wednesday what we were going to do for Easter and all I could think of was what we weren’t going to do.  Isn’t that odd?

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