Embracing the aging process

One would not think I would be so excited to see a pair of readers.  This morning I was.  It was as if I found a long, lost cousin or something.  Actually Big Monkey found the readers, they had rolled into the back seat of the SUV.  Handing them to me, he asked, “What are these?”  I answer, “Yeah!  Those are my readers.  You have totally made my day—thank you!”  Then Little Man went into a big spiel how he hadn’t seen me wear them since “Monday”…had to get his 2 cents in, I suppose. 
It’s not that I’m excited about aging, especially with regards to the obvious signs of it—failing eyesight, occasional grey hairs and the creeping middle-age spread, it’s that when I finally needed readers on a more regular basis I bought some good ones.  (As an aside, my eye doctor is a hoot because he seems so gleeful that I finally use them, if only occasionally.  It’s as if he were waiting for this day for a long time.)  I embraced my teetering eyesight by getting some readers I actually liked and wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear.  I had a cheap pair I liked and somehow managed to lose those—I don’t lose things like that so I was frustrated.  Then, I “lost” the good ones and I was a little agitated about that—attachment and perfectionism at its best.  I just couldn’t imagine how I could lose my readers because I carry around a handbag the size of a carry-on—things go in there and don’t come out (until I switch to another unusually large handbag).  I must’ve taken an erratic turn in the truck and my bag tipped over—the readers running for their life.  At any rate, that’s what I’m grateful for today: found readers.  I know it’s a silly thing and I’m most certainly grateful for a lot of things that are more substantial and serious, but right now my eyes thank Big Monkey and my lovely, lovely readers. 
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