The Reluctant Bandit Book Blog Tour

August 17, 2020 is the kick off of my blog tour! I’ll be updating this page as bloggers post interviews, reviews, and things related to the release of The Reluctant Bandit. This is hosted by Sage Adderly Knox, author, book coach, and marketing strategist.

I’m being feature on the following blogs:

August 17, 2020: The Sexy Nerd Revue

August 18, 2020: Book Fidelity Celia has posted a lovely review, if you’re curious about how someone else viewed The Reluctant Bandit. She has some fantastic insights and comments that are beautifully written.

August 19, 2020: Hurn Publications

August 20, 2020: The Celtic Lady’s Reviews She’s posted an interview. She sent some questions that I answered. I’ll feature that on a blog post later, as well.

August 21, 2020: Jessica Belmont


Some of you may remember my boots that drove around town for a couple of days with my UPS driver. Well, my cover dropped by at a couple of book blogger websites.

Book cover reveals (August 10th):

Fan girl moments and my two cents


celticlady’s reviews

The Book Adventures of Emily

Indy Book Fairy

Sage Adderley

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