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July 24, 2022 at 7:21 pm #1134

Take a deep breath and blow it out–you’ve got this!

On a side note, if you feel so inclined, post your map here or on a new thread. It’d inspire others. But I also think you might need to tell you inner task master to have a rest. You’re not failing, you’re distracted.

One of the drawing instructors (Roland, my cover designer) was doing a talk at our inservice meeting one quarter. He was showing the instructors how the hand is “in conversation” with the brain and how he taught his students to just get something down. Just like you said with the words. However, maybe if you purge the harpy from brain to W.A. you can move on. To run with the harpy theme and be gross–it’s a matter of splat now, fix later. At any rate, I mention that because that’s what you’re doing. How you said that reminded me of his talk.

You’re in conversation with yourself and getting this “sketch” out–your inner task master is just interrupting you with mean ideas of “failure.” It’s interrupting you with funny things, too. Harpy–snicker. That’s your pocket book (IRS) adding to the conversation. Oh, wait–that might be my brain talking 😉😂