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5 headshot of 4 women and one man who are Bonus speakers for the From Cubicle to Creativity summit

I’m a big believer in coaches and support despite bootstrapping my way through life up until recently. Bootstrapping and independence were what I was modeled growing up and something I’m working on as I grow older–especially since my bootstrapping ways ceased being effective and asking for help has been hard but necessary.

A couple of years ago I was stuck. I knew I was stuck and needed a little shake up, but kept telling myself that I was “fine.”

I’m fine. It’s fine. It’ll be fine.

Dear Reader, I was not fine.

Instead of my usual m.o. of taking classes, I chose transformational coaching for creatives with Dr. Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey after “meeting” her through one of her summits. It was a great decision. I had just been through a bout of personal mishaps and issues and was struggling getting my head back into the creativity game or even believing that I was creative when I found her.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will come. I firmly believe that. It’s happened with all the coaches I’ve hired. I’ve had five total (one NLP coach and one life and wellness coach) with three directly related to creativity and books (I wrote about Sage when I did a pop-up with her), and they’ve all been different in personality and offerings.

They’ve all been exactly what I’ve needed when I met them.

Although sometimes, I didn’t know what the exact learning I needed was.

That was the case with Clarissa.

2 torso shots of two different women, one with long sleeves and a purple floral scarf and the other in a multi colored floral sundress. both women are olive skinned and have dark hair. From Cubicle to Creative Life is the summit advertisement and this highlight the Clarissa Castillo Ramsey and Ami Hicken King's conversation.
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Clarissa helped me relocate my lost enthusiasm and pressed me to do the work. Initially, I felt out of place being an author amongst so many artists and entrepreneurs, but it was a good group of people who had so many things to offer each other. Clarissa fosters a collaborative and inviting environment. She helped me through a stagnant, I’m fine period. She also helped me work through some uniquely asian mom issues, lol. It’s real, y’all.

Clarissa’s summits and masterclasses are always filled with interesting and informative entrepreneurs. I’ve learned a lot from her speakers and they have great offerings for their attendees. Clarissa’s passion is helping people get out of their 9-5 and working with what lights them up as well as helping multi-passionate people. I actually found Clarissa through one of her former speakers, Nicole Annette of The Journal Coaching Co.

Have a peek at her speakers as well as the bonus speakers who are former clients. Clarissa and I will be chatting about my tagline, All is not what it seems.

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I hope to see you there!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the event and more importantly being part of it!! It’s no small feat writing and publishing your work. It’s time to celebrate you! There’s several people in the community who are aspiring writers and authors. I’m so looking forward to chatting with you!! Cheers, Clarissa

    1. You’re welcome! I’m always happy to help. I appreciate the reminder, too! It’s a funny bit of syncronicity because I was just having a conversation today with my coach/editor about “celebration.” I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

      Take care!


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