Hard campaigning begins…now!

I asked Stuart to go get a book so I could read to him before bed.  He returns with “Dogs and Puppies,” which is a child’s guide to procuring and caring for dogs and puppies.  A kind of “things to think about” before you choose a pet book.  It’s a good book.  I actually bought it for Max when he was in 1st grade, so he could think about all that went into dog stewardship.  It didn’t get read a whole lot back then…

The funny thing is my yoga buddy (more on that later) asked me if we were going to get another dog.  I took a long pause and said, well, eventually.  I said the boys and I would like 2 dogs and I think Jon only wants 1.  However, if Stuart had it his way he’d get enough for a sled team.  No joke.  He thinks 3 is reasonable and in the cards for him.  He’s really pushing for a sled team.  I think I’ve finally convinced him Daddy will never willingly allow us to get a Chihuahua or any other small dog–I think the tea leaves told me that one, wink, wink.  He talks about building a sled-like vehicle for our streets (versus the snow he wishes we had), which is really funny because when Buddy and Trigger were young and wild I saw a dog chariot in DOG magazine.  Before you scream animal cruelty, this article was about a woman who was rehabbing (Did I spell that correctly?  Is that really a word?) her dog after surgery for a torn ACL.  Playing fetch wasn’t doing it and so she build this chariot so the dog could get exercise without reinjuring itself.  It was an interesting article and then I, too, became obsessed with a street chariot pulled my 2 dogs.  Seriously, the things I spend my time on!  Like those 2 could agree which way to go, ha, ha!  So when Stuart carries on about a team of dogs, I whistfully think about it before I espouse the party line (with tongue in cheek). 

There’s actually a company that sells dog carts (see video link below), not quite what the lady from the article had built (hers was an actual chariot), but it still makes me roar with laughter.  I think Daddy’s in big trouble.  Stuart is one hell-bent child and he likes to built and create.  I’ll keep you posted on the dog front. 


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