His Lordship is an Ass

Alt=series titles and a view of Downton Abbey

We’ve been watching Downtown Abbey with great enthusiasm and last night Chief says to me, “I wish my wife would refer to me as “His Lordship” when I wasn’t around.”  We were watching the scene where the housekeeper gives Lady Cora an update on His Lordship’s valet and Lady Cora refers to her husband as “His Lordship.”  I made sure I heard him correctly, we have a hearty laugh and we continue watching.  A minute later I tell him that he’s going to regret ever saying that.  He returns with, “I know I will.” 

After we watch the show he was saying something silly and I give him the look and he says, “I know, His Lordship’s an ass.”  It took me a minute to figure out that he was referring to himself.  You see, whenever he’s being jokingly rude I always tell him “he’s being an ass” and he responds with “yes, I know, I’m an ass.”  It’s a funny exchange we do to rib each other–it’s always preceeded by the look.  I roared with laughter and told him he’d done it–I’d have to blog about that one!

I’m not sure I’m prepared to start calling him His Lordship, even if in jest.  I had to stop calling his cell his “girlfriend” because the boys started calling it that.  Chief’s cell would ring and if on the rare occasion it wasn’t on his person, the boys would bring it to him saying, “It’s your girlfriend,” as they handed the cell to him.  You can see how that sounded and looked.  I don’t think people would get our “Lordship” joke at all.  Do you?

If you get a spare moment and are looking for something different to watch, I highly recommend Downtown Abbey.  It well done.  Even for those addicted to nasty reality TV, because this is filled with backbiting and drama and a lot of good one-liners.  Tastfully, of course.  Maggie Smith’s character, Cousin Violet, has a good share of them.
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