Hot Beverage?

I like my hot beverages–coffee and green tea.  I’ll drink black tea and some of that other stuff, but I really prefer green.  First thing in the morning and as an afternoon snack, however, coffee trumps it all–black in the AM and a sugary latte in the PM.  Black decaf after a dinner out.  It’s pretty routine–certain times of the year it’s like clockwork.  That’s why I got such a chuckle out of Sheldon’s character on the show, Big Bang Theory, when he noted that it’s a “social custom” to offer someone an “hot beverage” when they are feeling down (at least that’s what I vaguely remember–I was laughing too hard at “social custom” and, of course, “hot beverage”).  I heard that months ago and I still cackle out loud when I say to Chief, “Hot beverage?”

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It’s the little things in life.  Yes, I continue to drink hot beverages when the temps soar above 100 degrees.  They soothe my throat and placate my psyche, if the truth be told!  In astrological terms this is interesting because I’m a taurus ruled by the throat–my dad would say that this explains why I talk all the time.  hmmmm.  I’ll leave you with that as I’m off to get my afternoon latte.
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