If you can’t be a good example…

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll have to be a horrible warning.”  -Catherine Aird
How true is that?  This seems especially true in terms of parenting.  As a parent (and a person who wants to be “good”) you want to do the right thing and try hard to make good choices because little eyes are watching you, soaking up what you do and not what you say…but there are times when you hit the boiling point and can’t take it any more (precisely because no one is “listening”), exploding and blowing to pieces your game plan, your good choices, your peace of mind and worse—your ego.  Now, you’ve become the “horrible warning.”  Not a nice place to be, trust me. 
Let’s just say that the combination of Costco, summer heat and waiting for a prescription roughly around dinner time with children in tow is a recipe for disaster but I went ahead and did it to myself anyway.  I thought twice about it but it was called in for big monkey not me.  We talked about good behavior before we left.  We had a hard time listening when we got there (it did take a while).  I lost my patience, then my mind.  Enough said.
Buddy would add this as a postscript:
What were you thinking?  (You know how wrong you are when the dog gives you that look)

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