I’m a Lamster!

The Graphics Fairy sent out pics of a lobster today and it reminded me of Little Man when he was about 3 years old.  He had his back to us as he was digging through a kitchen drawer and when he turned around he held up his hands like a lobster and exclaimed, “Look I’m a lamster!” 

“Lamster” was his hybrid word for lobster–lobster and hamster.  He likes Zhu Zhu pets and Kung Zhu and all those hamster-like toys.  He loves animals, in general.  He also customizes words, a lot.  Remember the “venting” machine?  That was his word.  The funniest part of this was he had taken rubber bands and put them around his fingers and held himself very much like a reluctant lobster coming out of a tank (before going for its final scalding swim). 

Here are a few other customized words the boys have created over the years:
garbaging“–Big Monkey came up with that one when he was about 2 years old.   First usage:  “Aaargh!  You garbaged my picture!  Don’t garbage my stuff!”
wrapage“–basically, shrink wrap or the packaging on products.
shrinkly“–when you are “water logged” or have been in the water too long and get all wrinkly.  Others would call it “pruney.”  Or, maybe not.
These come immediately to mind, but there are many others.  “Sportly” is the one I made up that immediately comes to me–we all do it.  Have you made up any words, lately?
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