It’s that time of year: Skelly’s Ahoy!

two skeletons with tricorn hats. One is trimmed with white feathers and at the other with black feathers. Both hats have red and gold trim. One skeleton is sitting and the other is standing behind it, leaning over the sitting one. They are in a corner with windows on either side.

I came across this gem today: These 12 foot skeletons aren’t just for Halloween. I feel like I’ve found more members of my tribe. I do hats, some of these people do shirts. We all do skellys all year long.

Mine aren’t 12 feet tall, but they do sit near the dining room table with us. They look like they’re posing for a cover of an 80’s album in that pic!

My skellys are house-dwellers. I can’t help myself and clearly I’m not alone.

I love it.

These two skellys are part of my whole pirate schtick, incorporating my love of halloween. I wrote about wanting a horse skeleton (horse or pony sized) to add to the outdoor collection multiple times, most recently in the last Tomfoolery.

It’s on my list. You know how I enjoy checking things off my lists:

I’m on the watchlist and everything…

I’m going to place my request here, too: if you find one, please let me know! If I had a bucket list, this horse or something similar would be on it.

What would be on your list?

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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