Joy & Synchronicity: and things I wouldn’t hate to do

dark purple, blue sky with half moon peeking between bare tree branches in the night sky.

Yesterday was a day of synchronicity. Let me tell you the ways. It started with a discussion about the weather and ended with wacky little festivals and bits of joy.

Some people have the hardest time believing that it snows in Arizona. In our weekly meeting, a writer friend was mentioned her French friends’ visit to the Grand Canyon and their weather mishap. You know the one, where you end up buying all the tourist clothing just to keep warm/dry/cool/etc. Lol. We’ve all been on one of those vacations where we miscalculated or under prepared. No shade there. However, I had some friends who scoffed at me for reminding them to bring jackets when they visited us because they, too, had planned on visiting the canyon for a couple of days. Not only was it March, “spring,” but lololol, it doesn’t get cold in Arizona!

Subtext: Fool! Who are you trying to pull a fast one on?

Guess who came back to our house earlier than planned because it snowed? 🤨

Yeah, the scoffers. I even had an editor who questioned my forest in one scene because of Arizona’s “desert.” I had to remind her that we have multiple climate zones as well as topography here. Months later, I gleefully sent her a pic of the snow covered Superstition Mountains I took from I-10 on the stretch between Phoenix and Mesa…she was a good sport about it.

Totally separate conversation but same day, I made a proclamation to Chief, adding to the things I wouldn’t hate to do. If you don’t know/remember what I’m talking about, it’s an anti-bucket list. My proclamation was a reminder to find some kitschy place on our regular travels (not just the intentionally “weird” ones) and get a funny postcard, sending it to ourselves.

I’ve had the postcard idea for a while but never acted on it. It felt silly. Well folks, I’ve entered my shameless and “silly” era, so strap in.

This leads me to the synchronicity part. I had a craving for a burger from a specific place. I don’t know why and I don’t normally insist, but that evening I was adamant about it: let’s go there. So, we went “there” and got our favorite server who loves us (for some crazy reason). She’s always delighted to see us in a “Norm!” sort of way.

So delighted that she shared some personal news about her new plans.

Image by Mohamed Mosad from Pixabay

What are these plans?

Long story short (it’s still under wraps on her part, plus, it’s not really my story), it involves the Grand Canyon for phase one and for phase two it involves–wait for it–going to little festivals around the country! 😮 YES! She hit both discussion points I had earlier in the day (including the snow and some other tiny ones I didn’t mention) which also happen to be part of her next phase of life plan. I’ll also add that Chief and I have been discussing the next phase our lives.

What are the chances, I ask you?

I’m very happy for her and all the little details she shared sounded so perfect for her. After she mentioned some pickle festival, I told her that sounds like my Things I wouldn’t hate to do list (she, too, is not a fan of the bucket list–for a variety of reasons) and she asked if she could use it for her future blog.

Of course she can!

So, if you find someone else using that list or system, it may very well be our most excellent waitress on the next epic phase of her life. She’s fun, energetic, and loving. She’s also super good at what she does and I wish her the best on her next adventures (which won’t be for a few months).

This is another case of consequential strangers. I wasn’t feeling up to snuff when we walked into the restaurant that night (I was also sending Monkey back to Uni the following day which is always a somewhat melancholy event), but I walked out with a spring in my step and joy in my heart. Our waitress kept saying it was a sign that we came in, giving me all the hugs and high fives to the guys. I felt rejuvenated by her excitement and enthusiasm, and was surprised by all the synchronicity of her plans and my words.

I can’t wait to see what she does with it!

Give me a shoutout! 🤠

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  1. Sending a postcard to yourself when you’re on vacation! Why didn’t I think of that??!! I love postcards and it would be a nice memento. And you know the people you send the postcards to would never appreciate it like you would, having been there! I love this idea!

  2. That’s exactly it! How many times have we spent looking at all the beautiful and wacky options–belaboring it?! Pick the ones you love and send them to yourself🥳 Not only is this a little present for you, it’s also a game. Did it beat you home? How weathered is it? Did it get stepped on, lol. etc.

    I’m so happy this resonated with you!

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