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So, that funk that I’d been in made me rethink some things that I’ve wanted to do as well as my relationship to my people and surroundings.  It’s so easy to let your thoughts circle the drain and once you go there it’s a slippery climb back out.  So, I reframed that thinking–don’t ask how, this time I just decided–and I noticed a lot of synchronicity happening in my life.  A LOT.

For example, after my doctor’s appointment (a few weeks ago) I ran into a fellow yogini and we talked writing, life and yoga and it really energized me and kicked me back to where I was before.  I had spent so many weeks living in my mind and dwelling on things that needed to be let go that I couldn’t write, work or do much of anything with real presence and awareness.  I let go of the ever-tightening grip I had on myself and just let myself be and things started to feel better and the world felt right, again.  It’s so easy to forget that life is transitory.  The real trouble begins when you think you can keep things the same or perfect–the Wheel of Fortune has to keep spinning, otherwise life becomes stagnant and people stop trying.  Stagnant water really stinks.  It needs to move for there to be life.  The last thing you want is to be stinky, right? 

Returning to the back that I promised I wouldn’t whine about–I have to keep it moving or that, too, will become stagnant.  The thing is that we are so preprogrammed to move towards a destination and some sort of end result or goal that the thought of moving becomes nearly paralyzing when you realize that you have no place or destination in mind.  I used to be such an ambler and now I have no idea how to do that, which is part of my current situation.  I’d say problem, but I’m trying to stay positive–it’s something to investigate and not judge.  Wish me luck with that one, because while I love to investigate I do have a tendency to evaluate as well. 

Is there something in your life that you can reframe, synchronicities to be noticed or some movement you need to add?

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