Keeping It Real

Writing letters is one of the activities in Little Man’s class during the school day.  They are usually very sweet and this last one was not only sweet, but a great reminder of what a kind, young man he is.  The past couple of weeks have been Thanksgiving Sharing at his school and families are asked to bring in extra items for families in need, if at all possible.  The weeks were themed (household/personal items, non-perishable, Thanksgiving dinner, with frozens on the final day).  This is the second letter asking me for a frozen turkey to donate–the first letter he wrote “frozn turky,” this time he called it a “chikin.”  “Chikin” is his fall-back meat–he calls everything chicken: pork, beef, turkey and chicken.

In his first letter to me, he wrote that he was sorry that my coffee mug broke.  He had nothing to do with it breaking–I accidentally broke it and he just happened to see it all go down.

These are the times you recall–like a mantra–when your last nerve is twitching and you find your children jumping rope with it…then take a deep breath and let it all out.  It will be alright.
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