Let me introduce myself

Hello and welcome!  I’ve started this blog as a place to keep the odd ideas and stories that either run furiously through my head or the ones that are gifted to me by people I know and love as well as those who are complete strangers.  It’s something I’ve had been thinking about doing for a while but procrastinated because I was just put off by learning another piece of technology.  I’m a pen and paper kind of gal, mostly because I love the feel and look of ink hitting the paper but also because I don’t want my ramblings to “disappear” because I pushed some sort of button.  I’m over it, for now.

Since I couldn’t get the blog to take my entire bio, I’ve posted it here for you to get to know a little more about me.  As you can probably already tell, I’m quick to bust myself.  At least I’ve identified places where I can use a little help or work, right?  I envision this blog will entail a lot of stream of consciousness kind of writing as well as some more solid storytelling.  But for now, here’s my bio.

Ami’s Bio:

An avid lover of knowledge, learning and other people’s stories as well as a keen observer of environment and behavior since childhood, these interests originally sent Ami down an academic path.  She has always wanted to be a teacher and a “reporter” since she was little—she has always been a storyteller in the most positive sense of the word.  She seemed to be born ready with a question and to soak up information.  If someone wanted the details, they asked Ami.  She loves finding answers for the gaps in life but also loves the mystery of life.  Before she could even write she used her body, words and great animation to tell stories—her father swore she wouldn’t be able to talk if her arms were tied.  Ami also shared a love of “60 Minutes” with her father, faithfully watching every Sunday evening.  Her favorite part was at the end of the show when Andy Rooney gave his unique perspective on some aspect of life.  Because of his ability to look at ordinary things in extraordinary and humorous ways, he is one of her childhood idols.  His job never looked like work but a great exploration of his surroundings.
Ami has a BA in Comparative Literature and in German Area Studies; a MA in English Literature; and a PhD in English Literature.  She has taught composition and literature at the college level as well as yoga to her sons’ classmates for fun (when they were preschoolers & younger).  The common theme for these interests for her is the stories and truths she encounters.  Complete strangers often tell her very personal stories of their own accord and children tell her their fantastical tales.  A ride in the elevator at Caesar’s Palace found her the recipient of a woman’s fiftieth wedding anniversary tale (one can learn a lot in the short span of 15 floors) and she knows of quite a few children’s “invisible” friends and their pets—one of which is a donkey named Carrot who lives on a farm run by an elephant.  She loves the truths and the variety of perspectives, as well as the imaginations, of people. 
Ami has published in academic journals and creates people’s true and fictional stories for fun.  You’ll never find her without pen, paper and her listening ears. 
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  1. Welcome to blogland Ami! I felt the same way you did when I started, but after 2-1/2 years, my words and pictures have not disappeared yet. I like paper too, but this is such a wonderful way to share stories with people you'd never meet otherwise. Best wishes for a happy blog experience!

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