Lick or Bite?

If you offer a dog an ice cream cone (you hold one under his nose or in front of his face) will he bite if off or lick it?  It was one of those nagging questions that I finally had to settle for myself (years ago).

We had a little bet as to whether or not the dogs would lick the ice cream cone or bite it.  We all guessed differently, with variations of the simple answers.  So, on that same hike (see “Buddy’s Pack”) we had stopped at McDonalds and bought the dogs an ice cream cone to share.  I know, it sounds crazy & we don’t feed them like that, normally.  I held the ice cream cone between the two of them & they took turns licking it.  Buddy first, then Trigger–lick, lick, lick, lick and then…chomp!  Much to Trigger’s dismay, Buddy had decided he had enough of the gentle licking and sharing that was going on and he bit the top off the cone.  It then became a free for all. 

I guess we were all correct, on some level.
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