Little Piggy Dreams

piglet sticking its tongue out

Last night, I went to bed early. I have sleep issues, always have, so going to bed early usually means massive headache or I’m sick. This time, it happened to be a little bit of both. I don’t normally take things, but I took an Advil PM–this means bad news, people. Bad. I finally fell asleep and didn’t wake up a bunch of times like I usually do. Super nice. However, I had crazy morning dreams. Do you ever have those? The ones where you’re frantically trying to get somewhere or there’s a cast of dream characters who don’t look like the people they represent. There’s always some bizarre event and urgency for me in those dreams. This time, it was a killer sow. 🙄. Yes, but it didn’t start out that way. It began with a cute little piglet–much like the one in the pic…

We’re supposed to go to a dude ranch in Colorado at the end of July. So in this dream, I’m there. They have an animal area where you can play with their “pets.” I’m cradling the cutest little pig you ever did see. I’m holding it like a baby, rocking it, talking all sweet to it. I’m even gazing into its sweet little eyes. I look like I’m holding a baby. I think my family is there, making fun of me. I’m having a nice cuddly time until I hear an angry squeal and this gigantic sow charging me. I’ve never seen an animal move that fast. She rounded that corner like you wouldn’t believe. I won’t lie–I think my heart stopped for a heartbeat or two. As gently as I can I put the piglet down, and in a ridiculous move hold up my foot, so the sole is facing the sow. I don’t want to kick her, but I also don’t want to be knocked over or bit. Maybe my heart did stop–I don’t know–the next thing I know I’ve been knocked over and the pig is trying to tear me apart. That’s when I knew my family was there–they were trying to pull me away from this raging mother. Then, I woke up. My bladder was full. I know, TMI, but I woke up. Honestly, I figured I might be having some strange dreams because I took headache meds, but seriously? What a horrible way to go–being devoured by angry mama pig. That beats suffocation, I suppose. And zombies. I hate zombies. I didn’t put many restrictions on my former students, but zombies was one of them. We just weren’t going there–ever. If I had giant foldable ears, I would’ve folded them over themselves to avoid listening to zombie anything. Although, there was this one time I got tricked into watching Z Nation by Chia…

Okay, so I’m, now, about my day and I check Facebook messenger because there’s always messages I haven’t checked there. And what to mine eyes appear? The piglet you see in this post! I need a moment–that’s some serious synchronicity there, people. Ach. My friend didn’t leave a note, just the pic…so I happened to mention the dream to him. It’s funny, his response to me is always, “wow.” I think his idea of “wow” looks a lot like other people’s version of the F-word–it holds a lot of different meanings. For example: Wow, you’re weird. Wow, that was rude. My personal favorite: Just. Wow. 😉

So there you have it. Cute pigs. Terrifying, angry mothers. A near terrible, horrible, awful death by dismemberment. You’re welcome. Carry on. Nothing to see here, people. Nothing to see. 😂🤗🐷🤠☠️

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