Little Red Shoes

Dorothy’s Red Slippers, via Google images

We all have that favorite article of clothing or an accessory that we just can’t seem to part with or perhaps we wear it until it’s worn out, right?  When I was between 4-5 years old I had a little red pair of shoes that I absolutely loved.  We had bought them in Japan before we moved stateside, so there was no finding them in Seattle.  I think my mom even asked relatives to look for another pair and they couldn’t find them.  Before we moved my mom even offered to buy another pair, exactly the same, and I still refused–because, after all, they weren’t the same pair of shoes.  End of story.  We did that dance for a long time. 

Finally, my mom drug me to Nordstrom and made me find another pair of shoes.  (I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t hear me say that now…)  The salesperson was horrified at my shoes.  They probably looked worse for the wear.  More importantly, they were 2 sizes too small.  He must’ve thought my mom was a horrible person (perhaps one of my mom’s worst fears being a foreigner).  The salesman asked if my feet hurt and I said not much.  His response?  “How can that be?  Your toes are curled up so your feet can fit into those shoes!”  He asked why I wore those shoes and I flat out told him I liked them and didn’t want another pair.  He badgered me into wearing the new pair home, much to my mom’s relief. 

This is family folklore–proving that I’m a “stubborn” person and “difficult” to deal with.  Proof, you know?  I think my husband would like it if I clung to the things I have and “refuse” to buy anything new…but that’s a whole different story, isn’t it?

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