May Day & the Petty Pebbles: Mayday!

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I had a rough start to the week. A bunch of tiny nuisances added up to a big old ball of pissyness. I was irritable, not in the flow, or even in the swing of things. Goodness gracious–I was fit to be tied.

I could not shake it for the life of me. Lord knows, I tried.

I honestly did.

The funny thing? I had been having a great week up until that point. But when I woke up on Sunday things didn’t feel right. The day went downhill from there as did the next couple of days (today is day 4, Captain’s Star Log).

Monday, I dropped myself in my chair racking my brain for what put me in such a state. I didn’t really figure it out because it probably was a bunch of little things creating my own mental Bermuda Triangle. I do know that I was thinking about the pettiness of it all and how I deal better with big tragedy than this nitpicky nonsense.

Seriously, this is like death by paper cuts and it has to go.

I’ll give myself credit for making myself laugh (honestly, this mood was bad). I thought about all the little things not going my way or the little trip-ups that were slowing me down like a toddler clinging to my leg. These annoyances were like little pebbles that get stuck in a boot. Tiny little jabs and pokes but when you shake out your boot not much comes out and doesn’t really solve the problem, either.

Pokiness remains.

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I sat on petty pebbles for a couple of days–why write about it when a) it’s difficult to identify and b) it’s just going to irritate you more? However, today I was thinking about May Day and Beltane (it’s now Wednesday). Here I am being all dark and it’s supposed to be the beginning of summer! I didn’t care for that, so I called out, “Mayday” to myself and had a chuckle because in that moment, I did feel like I was in distress.

I’ll tell you what, I was simultaneously beside myself and over myself.

Mayday (from the similar sounding French, M’aidez–“help me”) is a distress call originating with aviators. Phonetically similar to May Day but not, right? 🙂‍↕️ Yes, vastly different. Add to that, May Day has different meanings (beginning of summer/Beltane vs. labour day/international workers day, in some countries).

Word play, mental Jenga, and laughter–petty pebbles be gone!

I realized that this is similar to the Rain Man files I mentioned in the last Tomfoolery which I forgot about (also making me laugh). The difference is, I just wasn’t identifying/noting these grievances and when I did, they were those little things that get me when I’m low energy, have expectations, am rushing…you get the point. Apparently, my keep it to myself plan was not enough to shake this vile mood, but today I’m done with it (ironically, I wrote about it which was Monday’s plan all along).

Sigh 😮‍💨

Well, I’m brushing off my hands and my jeans (not my hands on my jeans 🫨) and getting back to it. There are things to do and nature to watch.

Pissy time is over. It’s May Day.

Besides, there’s always coffee to be had. ☕️

How do you snap yourself out of a bad mood or a funk?

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