Mom Makes the Best Water

I don’t know why, but my entire family drinks out of my water glass.  Everyone else could have a full glass or cup of their own, but somehow everyone reaches for mine.  It never used to bother me so much but now it does.  Perhaps, because the boys are at a gross age where they leave a film or floaty “things” in my glass.  Perhaps, because Chief drains it before I’ve had a chance to drink out of it.  Perhaps, it’s because I get tired of the ice running out when I go to fill my glass after it’s been assaulted by another family member.  I cry out to them, “Why do you all drink my water?”  Their universal response, “Your water tastes better.”  Really?  Yes, is their earnest reply.  I guess I’ll leave it at that, but do I try to beat them to the punch and hand them their cups and glasses first.

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