Mutts & Minis, part II and a bonus story

When we were driving to Mini of North Scottsdale to see the Halo dogs, the boys were talking non-stop.  I mentioned that I wish there was some silence in the truck.  Chief agreed, “Yes, we need the cone of silence.”  (From “Get Smart”)  I laughed, which made me think of the “cone of shame” from the movie, “UP.” 

We always get a kick out of referencing that movie for several reasons, but the oddest is because of an acquaintance’s remark.  I had told this person that we went to see “UP” (when it first came out) and she said to me that they saw, that same weekend, “Transformers,” for the second time.  There’s a irrelevant story behind why she saw that movie for the second time, which was followed by, “I didn’t like ‘UP,’ it was totally unrealistic.”  Total silence on my part.  Later, I told Chief this and his immediate response was, “Was it the floating house or the talking dogs that she found unrealistic?”  We laughed and then he asked if she thought “Transformers” was realistic.  I told him I didn’t even bother to ask, because the conversation was too strange to begin with.

For those who were wondering about our dog outing–there were a lot of cute dogs waiting for forever homes.  All but one was little–some larger dogs were already adopted by the time we arrived.  The Halo volunteers were awesome, so, eventually, we will go to their facility and see what they have.  We’d really like 2 larger dogs.  Stuart keeps saying 3.  Here’s a dog similar (mostly coat and size) to the one I fell in love with:

google images
Sherman was his name and he had ginormous ears and a larger snout.  He was the most laid-back large, little dog I’d ever seen.  He was later adopted.

Little Man was so excited to see the dogs that he wanted to write them a note.  It was really to the people who brought the dogs and it was to tell them that he wanted to buy one of the dogs, but his dad said no.  The ladies thought it was so sweet of him to write the note–I had to explain what the “no” part meant, that Saturday was a day for looking and that we eventually adopt.

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