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My Black Heart and Summer

This is a sore subject with Chief–black heart.  He was giving me a hard time about something–a long time ago–and said that I had a black heart.  I seem to remind him of that a lot (me and my black heart, etc.) and sometimes it makes him feel bad.  I feel bad about that but earlier today, I really felt a little bit of the black heart coming on.  I’m hot, tired and cranky.  I’ve done pretty well this summer but today I’ve had enough.  It doesn’t help that I haven’t slept much for the past couples of weeks.  I don’t have the energy for much and I find myself staring out the window for extended periods of time.  I snap out of it when I realize that our grass is dying and that gives my black heart heartburn.  Bermuda grass should rock in the summer and ours is floundering.  Then, big sigh and attempt to go back to work…

google images: posters.ws

No, I don’t think clowns will eat me and they aren’t the reason for my lack of sleep but I do find them freaky.  I’m not sure why they are associated with parties (generally happy occasions) and children (generally happy people).  Most of the google images of clowns were either frightening or completely horrific.  Since my day was wasted with a wandering mind, lack of motivation and general crankiness (or black heartedness) I decided to add clowns to my post–I can’t stand clowns. 

Tomorrow will be a better day–at least it’ll be a new day and clownless.

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