All is not as it seems

Look around you, really look. All is not as it seems. How do we view our world?–what hinders us and what’s being illuminated for us? There’s clearly context involved but there’s also layers upon layers begging for examination, understanding, sympathy, compassion, and humor. Complexities, as well as “realities,” have always interested me. What is reality? What and how are we perceiving?

Appearances can be deceiving. Environmental elements play tricks on us–light, shadows, cloud cover, fog. Not only that but our mind is the ultimate trickster–inaccurate or other’s memory posing as our own, as well as our over-active and/or stilted minds. There are social constructs that we rely on or mistrust, causing its own kind of shield or blindness. Are we truly hearing and seeing? Sometimes it’s the situation we are in, causing us to be unable or unwilling to see what is in front of us. Are we telling ourselves harmful stories or even not-so-harmful stories that eventually create a harmful situation? Why are we even doing this? The more we dig, it isn’t always clear-cut or even clear.

Fine lines, choices of all varieties, sacrifices, misunderstanding–you get the picture, “the things that make you go hmmm,” or that cause an intense emotional reaction.

Other things that make me go hmmm–liminal spaces. The spaces, places, and times in between. The thresholds of life, and those between the magical and spiritual. One foot in and one foot out and the not really here and not really there. The shades of grey because not everything is black and white.

Given these thoughts, it might surprise you that I live in a technicolor world and I love vibrancy, laughter, and joy. It’s like the moment everything changes from black and white to technicolor in the movie The Wizard of OZ–my mind frequently toggles, loving the complexity and layers. In a similar vein, I like the play between “reality” and magic in fairy tales. The dark forest we enter, before emerging transfigured or transformed. Later, we can talk about the murky space between seasons…

You get the picture, the spaces–literal and figurative–of transition and unknowingness. The fork in the road where you must make a choice and the factors behind that choice. I’m frequently overwhelmed by choices, truth be known. Ask any of my friends, family, and instructors. You’ll get laughter and probably a deserved (on my part, not yours) eye roll. The longer you spend with me, you’ll see that my interests are varied. I like exploring different landscapes and imaginary spaces in my mind as well as the theoretical and spiritual ones. Explaining this feels somewhat heavy. However, there’s a lightness in my approach. My characters like to laugh and make fun of each other, although I have characters that are just plain rotten or grumpy. They can’t help themselves (really, they don’t want to change, who am I kidding). The rest of the characters can, most of them try to make better choices even in their less-than-desirable positions, “trades,” and situations.

I’m here to play with these layers, make random observations, and connect. Thanks so much for joining me.

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